Smooth Fusion of
Sophisticated Technologies

A Universe Full of Branes

The Avvyland universe is an infinite set of independent and interlinked Branes

A Brane is an independent space with its own settings, owner, and privacy policy

Every Brane has a geolocation anchor in the real world but can be projected into any point on the Earth

Users can accessBranes located nearby or remote Branes via wormholes between them

Blocks are Avvyland’s Swiss Army Knives

Avvyland’s virtual space is an orthogonal grid of identical cells

A block is a Avvyland fundamental unit that occupies a number of adjacent unit cells

Blocks have props, state, appearance, and behavioral rules of any complexity

Blocks can be created and configured with a visual API that requires no coding

Special blocks called metablocks are mutable and controlled by AI, including their appearance and properties

A Brane is a World of Blocks and Objects

Every Brane may consist of an infinite number of various objects

The user acts on the Brane as an Avvy (avatar), which is also a special type of object

Objects may be constructed from other objects and have props and state

All of a Brane's objects are governed by sophisticated state machine algorithms in real-time regardless of a user’s presence

A Brane world may be user- or procedure-generated with the help of a comprehensive API

Enjoy your own Avvyland. Just imagine!

Unlimited scenarios of any type, complexity, and atmosphere - choose a ready-made scenario or create your own


Various Puzzle Games

For fans of Tetris, Candy Crash Saga, Portal, and Lego

The Brane has structures assembled from static blocks (e.g. bricks), moving blocks (e.g. bars), mechanical sources (e.g. engine), mechanical parts (e.g. gear), optical sources (e.g. laser), optical transformers (e.g. mirror), space transformers (e.g. portal), etc. The user has to achieve a goal by manipulating these blocks.

The Brane contains a scattering of various blocks and a small replica of a target structure. The user or users must assemble all the strewn blocks to build a solid working target structure, e.g. a mechanism or famous work of art.

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RPG, MOBA, and Action Games

For fans of CS, PUBG, and DotA

The Brane has a user or procedure-generated arena made up of the blocks and objects: building blocks (bricks, stones, wood, glass), natural objects (trees, bushes, hills, rocks), and NPCs (pax, guards, robots). Weapons are placed around the arena, as well as ammo, armor, etc. Teams or individual combatants need to survive and take down all their opponents

The same scenario can be combined with puzzles, quests, and arcades. Users may upgrade their avatar’s abilities.

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Simulation and Sandbox Game

For fans of Tamagochi, Pokemon Go, Simcity, and Factorio

The goal is to develop a facility or society. Users should discover and harvest resources or usable blocks in the Brane and use them to build the facilities or develop the sandbox.

The same scenario can include a pet or pets in the sandbox, which users must take care of, and possibly breed to produce new unique pets

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Theme Park

For fans of arcade games and obstacle course competitions

The goal is to win a competition by getting the best score. The competition takes place in a specially created arena with a number of arcade minigames (e.g. navigate a maze protected by guards) and obstacle courses. The arcades are made up of building blocks, mechanisms, and NPCs

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Art Gallery or Exhibition Street Art

For fans of Google Tilt Brush and Google Street Art

The user or, rather, creator, employs many tools (which are also blocks) to sculpt and paint blocks and objects, as well as to combine static and movable blocks and media, to create works of art. Creators can exhibit their works in a public place in the Brane where people passing by can see and interact with them, and even buy them

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