Expansion of functionality
  • Blockchain economy model implementation
  • Mechanics for complex and composed objects
Implementation of “Puzzle” scenario
  • Rules for puzzle sets creation
  • Mechanics for blocks minting and blocks burning
Implementation of “Shooter” scenario
  • Development of blocks with state-to-appearance connection
  • Play mechanics for actions, users and weapons
  • Remote multiplayer mechanics
Implementation of “Improved Shooter” scenario
  • Advanced play mechanics
  • Detailed physics development
  • NPC mechanics
Implementation of “Arcade” scenario
  • Arcade arena creation
  • Multi-storey mechanics
Implementation of “Improved Puzzle” scenario
  • Extensions for custom blocks loading
  • Moving and kinematic objects
  • Additional tools: electric, kinematic, hydraulic etc
Implementation of “Sandbox simulation” scenario
  • Metablocks introduction
  • Automatic object generation mechanics
  • NPC mechanics development
  • Basic pet sets creation
Implementation of “Theme park” scenario
  • Wormhole branes connection
  • Parks economy
  • Relocalization mechanics
Implementation of “Art gallery” scenario
  • Improved objects creation with additional mechanics like painting
  • Metablock object generation by 3D mesh
  • Metablock sculpting mechanics
  • Media integration mechanics
Implementation of “Bazaar” scenario
  • API for external stores
  • Checkout mechanics
Advanced Scenarios: Shooter, Arcade, Sandbox, Themepark