The most innovative AR

worlds for creative, business

and social activities

  • Open framework of AR worlds created without coding
  • Any scenario: from games to scientific labs
  • AI powered technologies
  • NFT blockchain-based with gateways to Bitcoin and Ethereum

What is Avvyland? Discover it now!

The universe full of Branes

  • Avvyland’s universe is an infinite set of Branes that are created based on AI.
  • A Brane is an independent Avvyland world with its own settings, owner, and privacy policy.
  • Every Brane has a geolocation anchor in the real world but can be reflected into the any point of the Earth.
  • Users can get into the Brane located nearby or into the remote Brane by the wormhole between the Branes.

The Brane is a world of objects

  • Every Brane may consist of infinite number of various objects that can be constructed from other objects.
  • The user acts on the Brane as an Avvy (avatar), which is also a special sort of objects.
  • All Brane’s objects have props and are governed by sophisticated state machine algorithms in real-time with or without the presence of users.
  • The Brane world may be user or procedure-generated with extensive API.

Blocks are swiss-army-knife

  • The virtual space of Avvyland is an orthogonal grid of unified cells.
  • A block is an atomic unit of Avvyland which takes a number of adjacent unit cells.
  • Blocks have a props, state, appearance and behavioral rules of any complexity.
  • Special blocks called metablocks are mutable and controlled by AI including their appearance and properties.

Blockchain based economy

  • All blocks and some objects are NFT tokens in the private Ethereum-based blockchain.
  • Avvyland utility ERC20 token is used for in-game P2P transactions.
  • There is a gateway from Avvyland blockchain to the major cryptocurrencies mainnet.
  • The NFT token may be connected with real-world goods and used in the AR bazaar.

Any life-like activity is available. Just choose!


For users

  • create your own Brane and claim your right for it
  • set up a world in your own Brane and share it with your friends
  • visit any public Branes located nearby or move to remote Branes via wormholes in the current Brane
  • be an artist, designer, architect – choose your role, scenarios and communicate with other users
  • take part in games as a single player or with multiplayer modes
  • trade unique object with other users, shop in the bazaar Branes

For app/game designers

  • create your own Brane attached to the place nearby or anywhere in the world
  • build the unbounded game world with a plenty of blocks and world generation procedures
  • set up app logic by means of objects with complex behavior
  • settle the world with creatures and characters which are complex objects too

For artists

  • compose complex artwork with huge palette of blocks and/or reusable objects
  • design your own blocks with external editors and load them into the Avvyland
  • create the original freeform metablocks with sculpting or scripting
  • organize installations or art galleries located anywhere in the world

For architects

  • design buildings, houses, constructions with a huge set of blocks and objects, that have real-world prototypes
  • create a Brane on the parcel or construction site and place the buildings, outdoor amenities in the real environment
  • collaborate face-to-face (avvy-to-avvy) with customer, contractor, designer, colleagues in the Brane with the designed building
  • take the bill of materials, strength, efficiency estimation, assembling instruction by the automatic way at any stage of designing

For merchants

  • create a bazaar Brane (supermarket, store, showroom) for selling any digital or physical goods by fiat or cryptocurrency
  • use the native Avvyland smart contract backend or attach an existing store backend via simple API
  • propose the vending machines (complex Avvyland objects with integrated goods and selling logic) for other Branes owners
  • fill up the storefront with goods’ avatars made up with the original AI-based 3D scanning feature

For advertisers

  • buy ads locations on the popular Branes and place there the advertising objects
  • use a lot of means to advertise: from static banner, advertised object, object with media to interactive advertising games and theme parks
  • promotion companies with real goods avatars and connected gift cards, discount vouchers, etc.
  • interactive models of a complex product, which allows users to study how it works and to know all benefits of the advertised product

Enjoy your own Avvyland. Just imagine!

Unlimited scenarios of any kind, complexity and atmosphere - choose a ready one or create your own.

Casual, puzzle games of different types

For fans of Tetris, Candy Crash Saga, Portal, Lego

The Brane has structures assembled from static blocks (e.g., bricks), moving blocks (e.g., bars), mechanical sources (e.g., engine), mechanical parts (e.g., gear), optical sources (e.g., laser), optical transformers (e.g., mirror), space transformers (e.g., portal), etc. The user has to achieve the goal via these blocks manipulation.

The Brane has a debris of the various blocks and a small replica of the target structure. The user or users have to assemble all scattered blocks into the solid and working target structure, e.g. mechanism or famous art object

RPG, MOBA and action games

For fans of CS, PUBG, DotA

The Brane has a user or procedure-generated arena made up of the blocks and objects: construction blocks (bricks, stones, wood, glass), nature objects (trees, bushes, hills, rocks), NPCs (pax, guards, robots). Weapons are placed here and there on the arena, as well as ammo, armor, etc. The teams or individual combatants should survive and take down all the opponents

The same scenario can be combined with puzzles, quests, arcades. The users may upgrade their avatar abilities.

Simulation and sandbox game

For fans of Tamagochi, Pokemon Go, Simcity, Factorio

The goal is to develop the facility or society. The user should discover and harvest the resource or usable blocks on the Brane and use them to build the facilities or develop the sandbox.

The same scenario can include a pet or pets on the sandbox and user have to take care of them and, possibly, breed them to get new unique pets

Theme park

For fans of arcade games, obstacle courses competition series

The goal is to win the competition by getting the best scores. The competition takes place in the specially created arena with a number of arcade minigames (e.g., go through the maze with guards) and obstacle courses. The arcades made up of construction blocks, mechanisms, NPCs.

Art gallery or exposition street art

For fans of Google Tilt Brush, Google Street Art

The user or rather a creator uses many tools (which is a block too) to sculpt, paint blocks and objects, combine static and movable blocks, media to create an art object. These art objects the creator can exposure on the Brane located in some public place, and every person passes by the place can watch, interact and buy the art object.